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UNI Global Union provides a voice and a platform for workers at the international level in jobs ranging from the night janitor in your office block to the big-time Hollywood director of your favourite movie. With 20 million workers in 900 unions worldwide UNI fosters international solidarity and provides a voice at the international level for all its members. (...)

UNI is focusing on Global Agreements to achieve power and parity for workers at multinational corporations. In the age of globalisation this is more important than ever. The global economy is in crisis and workers are bearing a disproportionate part of the burden. The solution to the crisis must include a global employment strategy that creates sustainable well-paying employment with bargaining rights.

As part of its Organise and Recognise campaign, UNI works with its member unions to ensure that union organising and bargaining rights are enshrined in law. In countries where these laws do not exist, UNI is joining the fight to get them on the books. Where these laws do exist, UNI works with unions, the International Labour Organisation and other groups to sure that they are enforced. UNI also works in developing countries to build trade unions where there are none and to offer training and capacity building to its members.



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