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2006 ICEM Guide on HIV/AIDS Resources and Funding

2006 ICEM Guide on HIV/AIDS Resources and Funding
1er septembre 2010 :

This paper attempts to give an overview of resources and possible funding for HIV/AIDS workplace projects. The document is neither complete, nor is the present division between more detailed fact sheets and “further listings” final. In the latter category only, countless more organisations could be added.

The paper is initially meant to be part of a toolkit for an ICEM Regional Workshop for national HIV/AIDS coordinators from sub-Saharan Africa.

The other part is a guide on proposal writing.

The objective of the paper is to make ICEM project coordinators and affiliates aware of funding possibilities and other resources to be used to implement the ICEM and their own HIV/AIDS strategy. If the increased awareness of the existence of such resources and the mechanisms to get access to them lead to projects to implement such a strategy the objective has been met. It is also expected that feedback from the workshop will improve the practical use of this guide.

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ICEM Guide on HIV/AIDS Resources and Funding

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