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2011 United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS 8-10 June 2011 - ITUC Statement

2011 United Nations General Assembly High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS 8-10 June 2011 - ITUC Statement

On 11 May 2011 the ITUC has issued a statement on 2011 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS (New York, 8-10 June 2011). with the intent to support the process of recommitting efforts to achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support that takes place this year in the UN.

The ITUC is working extensively on HIV and AIDS issues related to the world of work from the social justice perspective and in relation to our extensive engagement in HIV and AIDS related processes such as the G8/G20, UN Commission on the Status of Women, the Global Campaign Against Poverty (GCAP), Global March Against Child Labour and others.

The ITUC also considers that HIV issues do not stand alone; partnerships are essential and human rights are fundamental. A worldwide crisis requires worldwide mobilization, No HIV response can be effective unless it combats discrimination and exclusion.

Our recommendations for inclusion in the HLM outcome document are outlined below:

First, we see the need for explicit reference in the HLM outcome document to the ILO HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200)5 that was adopted last year by the International Labour Conference, taking into account that this Recommendation is currently the only international human rights standard referring specifically to HIV and AIDS;

Second, we see the need to recognise the role of the world of work in addressing the pandemic, in offering a valuable entry point to reach various population groups, women and men, young people, key populations, rural and urban communities, in the setting where they spend much of their lives – the workplace.

That is why we would like to call for the inclusion of the following proposed paragraph in the HLM outcome document: “call for the world of work to play a significant role preventing HIV transmission and providing treatment, care and support for HIV-affected workers and their families, as well as in protecting their human rights as outlined in the International Labour Organisation’s HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200); integrating the response at the workplace into the response to the pandemic in local communities and national economies; and recognising that certain occupations and parts of the working population are particularly at risk”

We see the benefit of the HLM discussion on responsible accountability and a country ownership framework, shared responsibility and mobilisation of leadership – including the workplace dimension. ******************* For more information on the trade union statement and actions on HIV and AIDS, please visit the ITUC website:

And the ITUC blog:

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ITUC Statement for the 2011 UNGA HLM (13.05.2011)

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