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Global Unions Call for Rights – for “simple justice” for US Workers

Global Unions Call for Rights – for “simple justice” for US Workers

In a joint statement, Global Unions called on the US Congress to adopt the Employee Free Choice Act. They appealed to the United States to “join the other democracies around the world that respect the fundamental rights of workers to form trade unions and bargain collectively with their employers”.

The Global Unions’ leaders concluded by saying, “Labour law improvements in the United States are desperately needed. We ask for no more than basic democracy and simple justice”. Read the full statement

Trade unionists around the world are appalled that, in one of the richest countries in the world, corporate leaders are deliberately avoiding real debate with a flurry of distortions and contradictory arguments. On the one hand, they plead that the crisis means that the US cannot “afford” to respect fundamental workers’ rights. But, on the other hand, employers say that current laws are already balanced and fair.

Is a climate of fear and intimidation among workers US industry’s “comparative advantage” in the global economy?

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