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International Justice Day - Its about time ...

International Justice Day - Its about time ...
6 June 2008: Every June 15, cleaners, security officers and other property service workers around the globe mark International Justice Day. The day was established after workers who cleaned office buildings in Los Angeles were beaten during a peaceful demonstration in 1990.

Today, International Justice Day is observed across the globe by workers embarking on a new era of unprecedented cooperation to turn globalization on its head.

This year, cleaners and security guards are saying - Its About Time ... for decent work in the property services sector.

Many security guards work 12 or more hours per day, 6 days per week with little time off and little or no premium pay for overtime hours. Despite their long hours, guards often earn such low wages that they can not care for their families.

Across the globe, many cleaners work short 2 - 3 hour shifts. Barely earning minimum wages, these workers need 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

This 15 June, join cleaning and security workers in their fight for fair working hours and a fair day’s pay. For more information: link